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Foreword ( Click the highlighted image below to see a page excerpt )

Cannabis Cultivation – Medical Marijuana in effect actually represents three books rolled into one:

The first part of the book is an extensive documented graphical pictorial grow guide based on a 6 hour DVD set made whilst working on behalf of the University of London.  This University holds a Home Office License to cultivate cannabis for medical research.  The doctors, without sounding cruel, are not botanically blessed with green fingers so some 5 years ago we were called upon to help design, construct, and install a fully operational  hydroponics grow room.  We were then asked to help grow top quality cannabis for the University to ensure high active ingredients for their medical studies.  As well as educating them on the finer art of growing plants hydroponically, we got to test certain methods and techniques, shifting the shit from shinola so we got to expose the fact from fiction.

The grow guide represents to date the most documented and graphically illustrated complete grow guide ever published any where; electronically or in print.  Nothing can compare; it is a step by step guide walking you through every step of cannabis cultivation from start to finish. It is the alpha to omega of cannabis cultivation, and takes you on a journey through one complete cycle; creating the spark of life by awakening the seeds from their sleep, nurturing the life within and slowly but surely helping the life to fulfil its entropic wyrd way to completion of harvest, manicuring and curing the massive resin coated crystallised buds of magick medicine. 

The second part of the book is an extensive exposé of the multifarious applications of the plant; past, present and future. A general historical overview is made citing the first reports and studies made on this plant, the debated taxonomy of the species and pharmacology of the plant. 

An extensive study of the plants use as a medicine is made and presented, subjects include: analgesic and anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, anti-tumoral, arthritis and rheumatism, asthma, back pain, chronic pain, depression, drug dependency, epilepsy, glaucoma, hepatitis, insomnia, mental health/disorders, migraine, multiple sclerosis, nausea, vomiting and anti-sickness, skin disorders, harm reduction, emerging medical consensus and makes the case that cannabis has been repeatedly proven to be both safe and efficacious, highlighting that the medicinal value of this one plant is in fact far superior than any other known plant on our planet.

An overview is given concerning cannabis and its spiritual and religious uses thoughout history and though out the world. Subjects include: Pagan use, Hebraic use, Hindu use, African and Egyptian use, Rastafari use, Muslim use, Sikh use, Punjab use, Chinese use, and other modern religious movements are also covered.

A comprehensive study is presented on cannabis and its industrial uses past present and future.  Subjects covered are: hemp building materials, hemp plastics & bio composites, textiles, paper, cosmetics, paint – surfactants, components and oil, proving that cannabis is a truly environmentally sound and balanced industrious plant.

A extensive presentation is made on cannabis and its little known use as food, showing amongst other amazing facts that our planet has over 3 million edible plants on it, yet there is no one plant that can equal the nutritional value of hemp. This section makes it clear that cannabis is definitively, one of nature’s true superfoods.

Cannabis and its biomass energy/ fuel uses section follows presenting an excellent and unarguable statement for its use as a biomass fuel source and explains the environmental advantages of hemp, highlighting hemp as the planet’s number one biomass resource.

The third section includes 7 excerpts taken from rare and in some cases almost unavailable literature written during the Victorian era 1837-1901. These pieces of literature encompass the themes of hashish intoxication. 

Due to recent media disinformation and as the debate on the social impact of cannabis escalates, it is of paramount importance that access to these narratives by impartial and early observers of this phenomenon is preserved and made readily available to the public domain once again. The cannabis in every case but one was taken and explored as an intoxicant. These writings represent the earliest printed cannabis experiences.

Some pukka one liners follow:

“Heaven bless hashish, if its dreams end like this!” Louisa May Alcott 1869

“The last experience of which I had been conscious had seemed to satisfy every human want, physical or spiritual.” Fitz Hugh Ludlow 1857

“Words cannot paint the overwhelming sense of the ludicrous which I then experienced.” Bayard Taylor 1854

“Reality only served as an introduction to the splendours of hallucination.” Théophile Gautier 1846




Table of Contents



DVD 1:

    1.1 : Introduction
    1.2 : The Grow Room
    1.3 : Buffering the System
    1.4 : Germination and Propagation
    1.5 : Transplantation

DVD 2:

    2.1 : A Refresh
    2.2 : The Grow Phase
    2.3 : Establishing
    2.4 : The Flowering Phase
    2.5 : Pinching out and Topping
    2.6 : Males, Females and Hermaphrodites

DVD 3:

    3.1 : Suckers
    3.2 : Canopy Control
    3.3 : Bloom Stimulants
    3.4 : Genetic Diversification
    3.5 : Maturation

DVD 4:

    4.1 : Finishing/Flushing
    4.2 : Botrytis
    4.3 : Spider Mites
    4.4 : Conditions
    4.5 : Harvesting



    I : Cannabis

    • Cannabis and its Medicinal Uses
    • Cannabis and its Spiritual and Religious Uses
    • Cannabis and its Industrial Uses
    • Cannabis and its Food Uses
    • Cannabis and its Biomass Energy/Fuel Uses

    I I : Victorian Hash Eaters

    • Club des Haschischins
    by Théophile Gautier : 1846
    Translated by Pascale Winterborne

    • The Lands of the Saracen
    by Bayard Taylor : 1854

    • The Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night
    Translated by Richard F Burton : 1855

    • The Hash Eater
    Being Passages from the Life of a Pythagorean by  Fitz     Hugh Ludlow : 1857

    • The Apocalypse of Hasheesh
    by Fitz Hugh Ludlow : 1856

    • Perilous Play
    by Louisa May Alcott : 1869



I : Useful Information

I I : Nutrient Time Line

Glossary of Terms


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All footage taken was filmed on location at the University of London, who possess a Home Office licence to cultivate Cannabis.
All Cannabis grown was grown under this Home Office licence for medical research under a group European initiative to validate the medicinal properties of Cannabis.