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About the Author

Over 17 years ago the author developed a very keen interest in rare ethnobotanical plants. This interest developed into a very strong hobby which dominated his life, the author explored many cultivation styles over the years finally settling on hydroponics which took over from all previous methods employed.

After years of experience in both soil cultivation and hydroponic cultivation, in 1997 the author opened a hydroponics and indoor horticultural grow shop in Guildford town centre, Surrey, U.K. to which to date, the author still owns and runs. With over 11 years of dealing with the general public, the trade and scientists, answering every type of imaginable and some unimaginable questions on the subject of hydroponics and indoor cultivation during this time frame, the author felt it was well overdue for a professional, well educated and up-to-date U.K. grow book to be released.

After isolating the fact that the majority of grow books were out of date, or were specific to the country of origin, the author decided to embark on writing his own.

The grow guide represents to date the most documented and graphically illustrated complete grow guide ever published any where; electronically or in print.  Nothing can compare; it is a step by step guide walking you through every step of cannabis cultivation from start to finish. It is the alpha to omega of cannabis cultivation, and takes you on a journey through one complete cycle; creating the spark of life by awakening the seeds from their sleep, nurturing the life within and slowly but surely helping the life to fulfil its entropic wyrd way to completion of harvest, manicuring and curing the massive resin coated crystallised buds of magick medicine.

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All footage taken was filmed on location at the University of London, who possess a Home Office licence to cultivate Cannabis.
All Cannabis grown was grown under this Home Office licence for medical research under a group European initiative to validate the medicinal properties of Cannabis.