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we have here a hermaphrodite, very immature I must say these pre flowers are very young, you can see the white hairs on the female, they’re looking pukka, but yet one internode down on the leaf join you can see classical signs of a male flower, and classical signs of a very immature female flower, so this is a hermaphrodite, and they are quite common, we’ve got one here we’re now showing you, sadly he, or she, or it wonder what to call it, the hermaphrodite will be gone by the end of today. Which is a real shame because it would have been nice to watch this one develop; it would have been good see the male and female flowers becoming more and more pronounced but we can’t afford for it to do any damage so we won’t. So it will be going today. But as you can see, very classical signs of a very immature young pre flowers on a hermaphrodite  

plant, or hermaphroditic, or an androgynous whichever one you want to call it. A hermy.

   [00:47:19]   Right, we’ve now finished doing our work, got rid of the males, got rid of the hermaphrodites, we’ve pushed the crop to try and fill the holes, bend them over the gaps, we’ve raised the lights, we’ve balanced the tank to a CF of 20, pH to 6.1 I think it is at the moment. Everything is tickety boo, the sodium bulbs got changed last week, we sent some new lamps up here so we’ve got four 600W sodiums now on top of them, we’ve also got a little wire hanging down that we can use to see how close to get the lights so they know when to lift the lights up. It’s all going swimmingly well; it took a bit longer than anticipated, we got rid of a hermaphrodite, I don’t know how many we lost in total, but at the moment, we've...

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All footage taken was filmed on location at the University of London, who possess a Home Office licence to cultivate Cannabis.
All Cannabis grown was grown under this Home Office licence for medical research under a group European initiative to validate the medicinal properties of Cannabis.