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DVD 1.1 : Introduction

   [00:09:38] We’re at the London School of Pharmacy, University of London, setting up a grow – indoor grow environment for the privilege of growing cannabis under the University’s Home Office approved licence. The name of the game for us is to convey to you, the technologies and the knowledge used to cultivate such a plant. And that’s the view of this particular documentary is to entertain and to educate you to the degree, as to demystify the ease of growing indoor plants hydroponically. We intend to show you how to plant seeds, how to propagate the seeds, how to harden off the seedlings, how to transplant the seeds to a hydroponic system, how to maintain the hydroponic system, how to vegetate your plants, how to sex your plants, how to fruit and flower your plants, even how to cure the end product. All with the lovely approval of working with the university where I don’t endanger my civil liberties. Which brings us to our already built ‘Blue Peter’ creation which is the inside of a glasshouse stuck on top of a University in the middle of nowhere.



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All footage taken was filmed on location at the University of London, who possess a Home Office licence to cultivate Cannabis.
All Cannabis grown was grown under this Home Office licence for medical research under a group European initiative to validate the medicinal properties of Cannabis.