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     The first half of this book is a transcript taken from a documentary made at the University of London. The original documentaries comprised of a 4 DVD set (over 6 hours of footage) and a more detailed 6 DVD set (over 9 hours of footage). This transcript is taken from the 4 DVD set. The DVD documentary has to date not been released due to legal issues pertaining to the Video Recordings Act. However this book is not subject to the same constraints that moving film is, so we are pleased to release the reincarnation of this project as a static publication.

     The second half of this book is a expos√© on the medicinal, industrial, edible and the bio energy applications of cannabis; coupled with detailed accounts from the first documented experiences of cannabis intoxication.








Emails received from the British Board of Film Classification pertaining to the Medical Cannabis Marijuana Cultivation - Trees of Life at the University of London DVDs:

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All footage taken was filmed on location at the University of London, who possess a Home Office licence to cultivate Cannabis.
All Cannabis grown was grown under this Home Office licence for medical research under a group European initiative to validate the medicinal properties of Cannabis.