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DVD 2.4 : The Flowering Phase

   [00:53:21] Now in general, Sativas take longer to flower, it’s just in their genome to do so, where Indicas take a shorter time to flower. Now obviously these are coming from a hybridisation of different parents so that might not be the case in this scenario but typically, Sativas take a longer time than Indicas do to flower. Sativas are typically taller as well, as in the internodal growth is stretched compared to the Indicas which are shorter and squatter. The Indicas also generate a heavy hitting high if you were to smoke it which obviously we don’t advocate you doing unless you’re in a coffee shop in Holland where the Sativa if you were in a coffee shop in Holland and were willing to smoke it, would give you more of a soaring, cerebral uplifting high. So this gives you an uplifting cerebral high, not too heavy where an Indica would give you, a real, can’t get out of my chair, I don’t even want to if I could, type of high. And that’s mainly the difference, so there we go, lovely looking Indica cannabis plants, well the majority whose parentage is Sativa cannabis plants and as we go on and as they define themselves further, we’ll keep you informed but there we go, 2 lovely variations in the crop and as I said the Indicas should finish earlier in terms of the flower formation compared to the Sativas


and that’s already proven in some cases because on these Sativa based plants, the pre flowers are almost non existent where on the Indica based plants, the pre flowers are already visible which means they are already progressively flowering quicker than the Sativas. I hope I got all that the right way around, I’m pretty bloody sure I did, but there we go, Indica, Sativa, they are the 2 different, the 2 sides of one coin, yeah, a little bit of information for you.    

Sativa Indica

     [00:55:21] What we have here, I’m trying not to wobble this plant too much and even breathing on it is wobbling it, which is causing the focus not to work too cleverly, what we have here is a classical example of pre flowers of a male plant. As you can see at every internodal branching point at the junction are tiny balls and at the moment, this particular one has one, two, three balls, one, two, three balls on the lower junction down here it’s got one, two, three balls and higher up it’s got these clusters of pollen sacs already forming. Now this is a male plant. And I will take some photographs...

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All footage taken was filmed on location at the University of London, who possess a Home Office licence to cultivate Cannabis.
All Cannabis grown was grown under this Home Office licence for medical research under a group European initiative to validate the medicinal properties of Cannabis.